About Me

Hello and welcome to my little blog. My name is Arpit Merchant and I’m a doctoral candidate in Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland. My research interests revolve around machine learning on graphs, model interpretability, and digital humanities. You can find more information about my professional background here.

Aside from research, I am an immense bibliophile with a love for reading fantasy, science, and speculative fiction. I enjoy teaching and I deeply care about pedagogy. I have been a dedicated fan of Chelsea Football Club since 2007 and I will forever be a Blue.

Navigating Uncertainty is my experiment to maintain a blog which has only ever been updated sporadically in the past. I haven’t really written publicly before because I couldn’t convince myself that I have something worthwhile to say that I can say in a worthwhile manner. I don’t know to what extent that has changed now, but I’m interested in figuring this out.

Feel free to email me at arpitdm at gmail dot com or talk with on Twitter at @arpitdm.